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OutBack GTFX Grid Tie Inverter
Cat. No. GTFX
Weight 60 lbs

The GTFX models incorporates a unique die-cast aluminum, sealed housing, which keeps the electronic components cool while protecting them from the major causes of inverter failure - corrosion, dust, insect and animal damage - even temporary submersion and pressure washing. All of the GTFX models also now include standard an external cooling fan to improve operation in high ambient temperature conditions and increased efficiency at high power.

 "These new OutBack GTFX and GVFX models advances our next generation power conversion technologies into the grid-tie market," according to Christopher Freitas of OutBack Power. "The extremely rugged construction, field serviceability and the utility back-up capability provides higher system value, performance and reliability -- all critical to the success of utility connected renewable energy systems." ETL Testing Laboratories, a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory, is authorized by OSHA to conduct safety testing and provide product listings and is comparable to Underwriters Laboratories. The GTFX and GVFX are listed under the UL 1741 standard, "Inverters, Converters, and Controllers for use in Independent Power Systems, 1st Edition".


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